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Zed sleeping

The point first:

I am asking for help to pay for the existing vet bills. $5, $10, $1. I had someone send me $.57. It all adds up if enough people chip in. Reblogging helps too. <3 My paypal is ersigh [at] gmail [dot] com.


I recently got a kitten that I named Zed. You may have saw the posts when I first got him. 

I haven’t updated in awhile about him because my health issues have sucked all of my energy out. I’m sort of kind of starting to have enough energy to think.

Zed has some health issues that we’re still trying to diagnose and the vet bills have added up quickly with at least a few more in the near future. I had planned to have $150-200 in vet bills because it’s pretty common for cats to get sick from stress when rehomed (most cats have herpes which tends to be triggered by stress and usually results in URI and eye issues). And we did go through that. Zed is on antivirals and antibiotics and no longer looks like a pirate with a cold. 

But Zed has some other stuff going on that the vets think might be neurological, maybe epilepsy as it seems like seizures. They had to do a full panel work up to rule out other stuff first. Right now I’m keeping a diary of his symptoms and then we’ll figure out which way to go.

He has this episodes where he becomes super extra derpy. Like way beyond kitten derp… he drools a lot (usually his entire front is drenched all the way down to his paws) and just seems lost. He falls over easily and has a hard time getting back up. He will come sit by me and just purr and stare at me for hours without sleeping or changing position. He will not eat during these episodes either. He just wants to be near me and if he can’t be he’ll hide in the cat box. After he has these episodes he will often sleep very deeply about 95% of the day for several days in a row, waking up only to eat and use the cat box.

During an episode


The first vet that I saw suggested I give him back. I just can’t. When he’s in full on tornado kitten mode he’s a really special kitty. He’s funny and sweet and so trusting. Unusually trusting. My middle kitty and he have bonded in a way that I didn’t expect which has stopped most of the fighting and bitching between my middle kitty and elder kitty. He has already helped solve the issues that made me think I should get another cat. 

We’ve accrued about $1400 in vet bills. I’ve been on medical leave and was just told this week that I will be unemployed by the end of June. A few days after I got Zed my mortgage company notified me they made an error with my taxes so my monthly payments are going up almost $200. You don’t want to know how much debt I have from my own medical bills. As I mentioned before I allotted a certain amount for initial vet bills but we’ve gone way beyond that. With all the stuff going on in my life I am spread very thin. There is very little in my life that brings me happiness or comfort right now. My pets keep me going. 

I don’t really have a good way to end this so… yeah. *heart on plate*

I’m just going to keep reblogging this.

My other cat, Oski, has also been having issues (unrelated to Zed’s) and seems to be competing for costs at this point.